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Ghost Stories in School (Школьные истории о привидениях)

Артикул: 76373
Наличие: В наличии
Тип: TV series
Звук: рус./япон.
Формат: 4 : 3
Дисков: 7 (ep. 1-20)
Год: 2000
Жанр аниме: школа / ужасы
Режиссер: Абэ Нориюки
Студия: Studio Pierrot
1050 руб.
Школьные привидения [2000]
Ghosts At School
Gakkou no Kaidan
Ghost Stories in School
School's Ghost Story

Производство:  Япония
Жанр: ужасы, школа
Тип: ТВ (20 эпизодов), 23 мин.
Трансляция: c 22.10.2000 по 25.03.2001

Режиссёр: Абэ Нориюки

01. Tonight, the spirits are revived! Amanojaku!
02. Out of the toilet, a hand... Red paper, blue paper
03. Raise the curtain!! Cursed school arts festival - Kutabe!!
04. Dead Man's Requiem - Fur Elise
05. A sports festival painted with blood... Datto!!
06. The demon's hand bursts through the door... a night of tragedy
07. The soul-stealing mirror!! Utsushimi
08. The Path Which Leads To Hell - Yomi Demon
09. Corpse Stalker of the Night!
10. The Endless Tunnel
11. Talking Doll Meili
12. The Nurse Who Tells Your Death — Mother's Feelings
13. The Picture that Swallows People — Da Vinci
14. The Life-Taking Psychic Photo — Railway Crossing of Evil
15. The Devil's Spell — Rite of Darkness
16. The Apartment that Eats People!! Nest of Evil Spirits
17. Terror at Bloodstain Lake!! Apparition in the Snow
18. Akane-san of the Broadcasting Room!! Voice of the Dead
19. Farewell, Amanojaku — The Descent of Ohma

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