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Gokudou: The Tale of a Rambling Wanderer (Путешественник Гокудо)

Артикул: 76552
Наличие: В наличии
Тип: TV series
Звук: рус./япон./англ.
Субтитры: рус.
Формат: 4 : 3
Дисков: 6 (ep. 1-26)
Год: 1999
Жанр аниме: комедия / приключения / фэнтези
Режиссер: Сугисима Кунихиса
Студия: Transarts
900 руб.
Путешественник Гокудо [1999]
Gokudou: The Tale of a Rambling Wanderer
Gokudou-kun Manyuuki
Gokudo-kun no Travelogue
Gokudo-kun's Travelogue
Gokudo-kun Travelogue
Gokudo-kun Mannyu-ki
Jester the Adventurer
Gokudo-kun Manyuki

Производство:  Япония
Жанр: приключения, комедия, фэнтези
Тип: ТВ (26 эп.), 23 мин.
Трансляция: c 02.04.1999 по 24.09.1999

Режиссёр: Сугисима Кунихиса / 杉島邦久
Автор оригинала: Накамура Усаги / 中村うさぎ


01. Suddenly, I'm a Girl
02. I see many Brainless Guests Jumping into the Story. What a Nuisance!
03. I Challenge the King as Last. What a Show-down!
04. I Join a Race for Bridegrooms of 3 Princesses. What A Greed!
05. I Receive Unreasonable Riddles of Sphinx. What a Creature!
06. Don't Let Women Fool You
07. I am Startled at the True Face of the Third Man! What a Shock!
08. I See the Evil Smile falling upon the Country. What a Disgust!
09. I go down to the Castle of the Dragon King. What a Misfortune!
10. A Violent Girl makes sport of me! What a Disgrace!
11. I find a close Connection between Evil Spirits and Shakamummies. What a Fate!
12. A Battle for the Sacred Jewel among Gods, Demons and Shakamummies. What a Commotion!
13. What will InAho Kingdom be Tomorrow? What a Turnout!
14. A who is who- what is what Story. What a Nightmare!
15. First shape Change!. Then, size Change! What a Misery!
16. Where is my poor Body? What a Mystery!
17. The Attraction of the Fascinating Chingentzai Sisters. What a Crown!
18. What is the True Identity of the Boss Monkey in my Body? What a Struggle!
19. The World is Full of Love and Love! What a Melodrama!
20. Who is He? What is he? Whose Baby is He? … What a Birth!
21. Sanzoh Creates a Mess and Confusion! What a Battle!
22. What is Happiness? ... What a Question!
23. I want to get back my own Body. What Endurance!
24. I will get back in Full Power! … What a Bathing!
25. Am I dreaming- Surprise at Sunrise
26. Nobody can stop me any more. Just farewell! What a conclusion!

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